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Hans-Rudolf Weiss, MD has a long experience in the management of patients with spinal deformities. He has developed new approaches of physiotherapy [1] as well as some modern bracing concepts [2] for the correction of spinal deformities [3] and for the treatment of chronic low back pain [4] [5] [6]. The Chêneau Gensingen brace™(according to Dr. Weiss) seems far more comfortable than other Chêneau braces in use today [7].
A new rehabilitation concept designed by Hans-Rudolf Weiss, MD leads to a better time efficiency [8].

Today scoliosis treatment with the help of physiotherapy and braces can be regarded as evidence based practice (level I), while there are no prospective controlled studies which would support scoliosis surgery [9]. Additionally the rate of complications of such surgery widely is underestimated [10] [11] and the clinical (cosmetic) effect of scoliosis surgery cannot be guaranteed [12].

Therefore Dr. Weiss likes to offer all parts of conservative management (physiotherapy, rehabilitation, bracing) with the best possible quality and takes advantage of the indications guidelines which have been established under his leadership [13].

Further PUB MED listed publications can be found here: [14]
(please insert: "weiss hr, scoliosis" or "weiss hr, kyphosis") including a Cochrane review he has coauthored [15].


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